Below you will find our featured clients. Every one has a great story to tell.

Featured Client: German SpaceX Hyperloop Team

German SpaceX Hyperloop Team Photos from West LA 3D Printing in Los Angeles

This summer, we were fortunate enough to work with the German Hyperloop team. They are a group of student scientists from Germany's top engineering schools who got together to submit a design for the Hyperloop competition SpaceX was sponsoring. The team flew over from Germany and set up shop in Playa del Rey. Lukas Eschment contacted West LA 3D Printing because the team needed parts printed for their vehicle, and they needed them done correctly and quickly. Working with Lucas and his group of engineers, we were able to print the parts they needed in a very timely fashion. And the parts stood up to their exacting specifications.

Even with the propulsion problems SpaceX was having, they still managed to win the Innovation award and were invited back to participate in the next round. We congratulate Lukas and the team captain Alejandro for their amazing and innovative design and construction and we look forward to their return for the next round.

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Featured Client: Adrian Sanchez

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Adrian Sanchez is a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Adrian originally came to us to fix a scan he made of his hand so it would print properly on an FDM printer. That was the beginning of our relationship. Since then, we have helped him find his vision with all of the projects he has brought us. "We really enjoy working with Adrian" says owner Peter Menotti. "When he first came here and talked about what he has as his vision, I immediately got it and realized I wanted to help him in any way I could." Since then, West LA 3D has become a favorite hangout of Adrian, especially when he has new ideas he wants to try out. And when we couldn't provide the service he needed (like printing a 8 foot tall version of one of his fingers), we contacted one of our strategic partners and put them in touch. The end result is a happy client who keeps coming back.Adrian is just one of our success stories.

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